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Brief History: The seeds for the Cardiff T-cell modulation group were sown at the University of Oxford in late 1995 in the Nuffield Department of Medicine. The group has grown considerably since then and now shares laboratory space in the Henry Wellcome Building at Cardiff University, School of Medicine.

What we do: Cardiff T-cell modulation group consists of a number of world-class researchers with a diverse skill and knowledge base that covers all areas of T-cell biology including T-cell genetics, molecular biology, protein chemistry, crystallography, cell biology and clinical investigations. The overall goal of the Cardiff T-cell modulation group is to understand the genetic, biochemical and cellular mechanisms that govern T-cell responses to human disease. Our research outputs are extremely wide ranging and include basic studies which are aimed at understanding how the T-cell immune response is regulated, through to translational studies which are aimed at developing tools, diagnostics and treatments for human diseases such as cancer, HIV, EBV, tuberculosis and many more.

Who we are: Altogether the Cardiff T-cell modulation group is made up of over 30 researchers including 3 principal investigators and their group members, who work closely to comprehensively investigate key questions involving T-cell biology.

The synergy between the groups has been the key to its continuing success in terms of publications (more than 30 publications a year) and research funding (over 8 million pounds).

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