Dr Dave Cole - Personal Info

Main Interest

Dave's pomy

My main hobby is my new pony named Princess Aurora. At weekends I like to braid her mane and tie pink ribbons in her hair! Unfortunately I'll never be able to ride her as I'm too tall and when I sit on her back my feet drag along the ground...this upsets and angers me.

Top 5 movies:

1) Dumb and Dumber (So beautiful and tragic. Why didn't they get on that bus....)

2) Godfather Part 1 (Brando is the God of, eh, being the Father!!)

3) Usual Suspects (Wish I could see the end for the first time again?)

4) The Incredibles (I want to be super!)

5) Wake up Ron Burgundy: The lost movie (Brick eating the coffee filter makes me cry!)

Top 5 albums:

1) Blutonnes: Last chance saloon

2) Radiohead: The Bends

3) R.E.M.: Adventures in Hi-Fi

4) The Eels: Beautiful Freak

5) Foo Fighters: Colour and the Shape

Top 5 sports:

1) Snooker (A sport for gentlemen)

2) Rugby (Saracens of Watford!)

3) Darts (A sport for large drunk men!)

4) Rowing (I love my crusty frostbiten hands at Llandaff in the morning!)

5) Football (MOTD weekends!)

Words of the 21st Century:

Squelch, plop, rhodoDENdron, krakon, gorgoloth, spud and velcro

Top Books:

1) Harry Potter series: J.K.Rowling (You can't go wrong )

2) Ursula Le Guin: The Earthsea books (I like wizards ok?)

3) Mark Haddon: The curious incident about the dog in the nightime (This book will blow your mind!)

4) Tolkien: LOTR and the Hobbit (Gandalf has a beard and a stick ... what a guy!)

5) Christopher Paolini: Eragon books (Dragons are cool!)