Emily Edwards

Emily Edwards

September 2003 to June 2007: Attended University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC), Wales where I achieved a first class BSc honours degree in Applied Biomedical Sciences. As part of my degree I completed a years clinical placement in the Medical Biochemistry and Immunology department, at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff. Also during the final two years of my degree I acted as one of two student biomedical science representatives on the Welsh Assembly Goverment funded ‘Wales Healthcare Students Forum’. In collaboration with students from other healthcare professions to relieve some of the issues affecting students e.g. student debt.

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Currently: Undertaking a PhD in Immunology at Cardiff University, under the supervision of Dr Linda Wooldridge and Professor Andrew Sewell. I am currently investigating the influence of peptide variation on priming of an antigen specific immune response, the eventual outcome being to optimise primed responses to virally-induced and tumour-associated antigens where the response is often sub-optimal. As part of this research I am collaborating with a number of individuals including Professor David Price, Dr John Miles, Dr David Cole and Dr Ian Humphreys. In addition, I have just completed participation in the Researchers in Residence scheme. The scheme aimed to communicate the basic principles of our research to secondary school principles.

Current Project Aims

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Emily Edwards is now working as a postdoctoral associate in the laboratory of Professor R Khanna, Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Brisbane.