T-cell Modulation group funding

The T-cell modulation group holds over 8.4 million pounds (>US $13.5 million) in current grant income. This revenue is generated from a wide portfolio of sources that includes UK government (Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and Medical Research Council), US government (National Institutes of Heath), Australian Government (National Health and Medical Research Council), European Union, UK charities (Wellcome Trust, Leverhulme Trust and Tenovus Foundation) and US charity (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). Specific funding details are listed below:

2011-2016 Wellcome Trust Research Career Development Fellowship
PI: Dr David Cole
Value: £771,080

2006-2011 Cardiff University Link Chair
PI: Prof Andy Sewell
Value: £850,000

2006-2011 Wellcome Trust Clinical Intermediate Award
Fellow: Dr. Linda Wooldridge
Value £633,868

2008-2011 Cardiff 3I IRG studentship (Emily Edwards)
Supervisors: Dr. Linda Wooldridge and Prof Andy Sewell
Value: £60,000

01/09-12/11 Wellcome Trust Technology Development/Biomedical Resource Programme Grant
PI: Prof. Andy Sewell
Value: £805,574

2009-2012 Tenovus Cancer Research PhD studentship (Florian Madura)
Supervisors: Prof Andy Sewell and Dr David Cole
Value: £67,000

2009-2012 Cardiff 3I IRG studentship (Johanne Pentier)
Supervisors: Dr. Pierre Rizkallah and Prof Andy Sewell
Value: £60,000

2009-2012 Cardiff 3I IRG studentship (Christopher Holland)
Supervisors: Dr. David Cole and Dr. Andy Godkin
Value: £60,000

2009-2011 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Academic Research & Development Grant
PI: Prof. Andy Sewell
Co-I: Prof. David Price
Co-I: Prof. Mark Peakman (Kings College London)
Value: US $455,173 (£279,304)

2009-2014 Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
Longer Larger Grant (Lola)
Lead PI: Prof Andy Sewell
Co-PI: Prof. David Price
Co-I: Linda Wooldridge
Co-I: Dr. Pierre Rizkallah
Co-I: Dr. Hugo van den Berg (Warwick Systems Biology Institute)
Value: £3,098,000

2010-2011 Wellcome Trust Value in People Award
Recipient: Dr Chihiro Motozono, Sponsor: Prof Andrew Sewell
Value: £39,696