Dr Garry Dolton

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Dr Garry Dolton

Research Associate (current post)
2009 to present

“Detection and characterisation of autoreactive CD8+ T cells in Type I Diabetes (TID)”

Funded by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and in collaboration with King’s College London, this project will involve the optimisation and application of MHC tetramers in order to fully characterise the auto-reactive CD8+ T cells associated with Type I Diabetes (TID). The knowledge gained from this research will increase the understanding of this autoimmune disease and therefore improve the diagnosis and treatment of individuals with TID.

Research Assistant
2008-2009 Cardiff University

“Characterisation of novel targets for the immunotherapy of cancer”

A project aimed at defining novel tumour antigens that would ultimately enable immunotherapy strategies to enlist CD8+ T cells to mediate tumour regression. These targets belong to a new class of tumour antigens; MHC class I binding peptides derived from proteins that are targeted by either tumour, or virally encoded proteins, for proteasomal degradation.

2004-2008 Cardiff University

“The role of SHP-1 in in vivo CD8+ T cell responses to antigenic stimulation”

A predominantly in vivo orientated project investigating the role of the protein tyrosine phosphatase, SHP-1, which is a negative regulator of T cell receptor signalling pathways. Mouse models and adoptive T cell transfer techniques were used to demonstrate that SHP-1 deficient T cells have an enhanced ability at targeting tumour development. Overall, the findings of this study highlight SHP-1 as a potential target for modulation in T cells in order to improve the efficacy of adoptive immunotherapy strategies.

2001-2004 Cardiff University

Biochemistry with Medical Biochemistry