Dr John Miles - Current Projects


Super Bulge

The human T cell receptor (TCR) is the core weapon of the cellular immune response. The TCR is among the most polymorphic proteins known to science and, through random recombination and mutagenesis, 100,000,000,000,000,0000 unique receptor structures can be made. This large immuno-repertoire is able to form a wide defence net against variable pathogens and cancer. Presently, we are investigating the parameters which define 'good quality' and 'poor quality' TCR structures and how and why they are selected in vivo. Understanding this immune choice will be important in augmenting a powerful cellular response against infectious disease and cancer.

Bulldozer TCR Structure

Current Projects

i) Engineering enhanced virus specific human TCRs and T cells for infectious disease and cancer recognition

ii) Tracking the TCR repertoire evolution during primary viral infection in humans

iii) Investigating the degenerate recognition patterns of anti-viral human TCRs

iV) Dissecting the TCR repertoire in human diabetes