Dr Katherine Wynn - Publications

Journal Publications

5. Jones, M., Ladell, K., Wynn, K.K., Stacey, M., Quigley, M.F., Gostik, E., Price, D.A., and Humphreys, I.R. (2009) Interleukin-10 maintains latent cytomegalovirus infection by restricting the expansion and function of memory CD8 T cells. (submitted)

4. Wynn KK, Crough T, Campbell S, McNeil K, Galbraith A, Moss DJ, Silins SL, Bell S, and Khanna R. (2009) Narrowing of T cell receptor beta variable repertoire during symptomatic herpesvirus infection in transplant patients. Immunology and Cell Biology advance online publication 6 October 2009; doi: 10.1038/icb.2009.74

3. Wynn KK, Fulton Z, Cooper L, Silins SL, Gras S, Archbold JK, Tynan FE, Miles JJ, McCluskey J, Burrows SR, Rossjohn J, Khanna R. (2008) Impact of clonal competition for peptide-MHC complexes on the CD8+ T-cell repertoire selection in a persistent viral infection. Blood 111(8):4283-92

2. Burrows JM, Wynn KK, Tynan FE, Archbold J, Miles JJ, Bell MJ, Brennan RM, Walker S, McCluskey J, Rossjohn J, Khanna R, Burrows SR. (2007) The impact of HLA-B micropolymorphism outside primary peptide anchor pockets on the CTL response to CMV. European Journal of Immunology 37(4):946-53

1. Wynn KK, Khanna R. (2006) Models of CMV infection. Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models 3(1):91-96