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Kim Miles

2000 to 2004: Attended University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia where I achieved a first class Honours BSc degree in Physiology. The honours component of my degree was completed under the supervision of Professor Rob Parton working on a microscopy project looking into the interactions of lipid body organelles with other cellular structures. This work was completed at the Institute for Molecular Biology.

2004 to 2008: Research assistant at the Mater Medical Research Institute under the supervision of Associate Professor Mike McGuckin in the Mucin Biology Group. My primary supervisor was Dr Sara Linden and under her direction I worked on assays to assess bacterial interactions with the mucosal surface of the gastrointestinal tract. We developed systems to best create a human ‘like’ model using cells expressing mucin levels within normal range, similar incubation conditions and bacterial concentrations.

2008 to present: Research assistant at Cardiff University in the Henry Wellcome building in the T-cell modulation group under the supervision of Prof Andy Sewell. Here I work on a variety of projects including TCR gene transfer and protein refolding.

Current Tasks

Tissue culture
FACs (Calibre)
Cell transfection
Lentiviral collection and storage
Molecular assays (restriction digest, ligation, transformation, DNA preps)
Inclusion body preparation
Protein refolds
Ion exchange
Gel filtration