Dr Pierre Rizkallah - Publications

59. Germ Line-governed Recognition of a Cancer Epitope by an Immunodominant Human T-cell Receptor.
David K. Cole, Fang Yuan, Pierre J. Rizkallah, John J. Miles, Emma Gostick, David A. Price, George F. Gao, Bent K. Jakobsen, and Andrew K. Sewell (2009).
The Journal of Biological Chemistry, V0l. 284, no. 40, pp. 27281–27289

58. Stellated polyhedral assembly of a topologically complicated Pd4L4 ‘Solomon cube’.
Tanya K. Ronson, Julie Fisher, Lindsay P. Harding, Pierre J. Rizkallah, John E. Warren, Michaele J. Hardie (2009).
Nature Chemistry, Vol. 1, pp. 212-216

57. The Dimeric 'Hand-Shake' Motif in Complexes and Metallo–Supramolecular Assemblies of Cyclotriveratrylene-Based Ligands
Christopher Carruthers, Tanya K. Ronson, Christopher J. Sumby, Aleema Westcott, Lindsay P. Harding, Timothy J. Prior, Pierre Rizkallah, and Michaele J. Hardie (2008)V Chem. Eur. J., Vol. 14, pp. 10286-10296

56. Crystal Structure of the C1-domain of Cardiac Myosin Binding Protein-C: Implications for Hypertrophic
Lata Govada, Liz Carpenter, Paula C.A. da Fonseca, John R. Helliwell, Pierre Rizkallah, Emily Flashman, Naomi E. Chayen, Charles Redwood, John M. Squire (2008)
Journal of Molecular Biology, Volume 378, Issue 2, 25 April 2008, Pages 387-397

55. Self-Assembly of a 3-D Triply Interlocked Chiral [2]Catenane
Aleema Westcott, Julie Fisher, Lindsay P. Harding, Pierre Rizkallah, and Michaele J. Hardie (2008)
Journal of the American Chemical Society. Vol. 130, 2950-2951

54. Crystallization and preliminary X-ray structural studies of a Melan-A pMHC-TCR complex
F. Yuan, T. Georgiou, T. Hillon, E. Gostick, D. A. Price, A. K. Sewell, R. Moysey, J. Gavarret, A. Vuidepot, M. Sami, J. I. Bell, G. F. Gao, P. J. Rizkallah and B. K. Jakobsen. (2007).
Acta Crystallographica F63, 758-760

53. Crystal structures of high affinity human T-cell receptors bound to peptide major histocompatibility complex reveal native diagonal binding geometry
Malkit Sami, Pierre J. Rizkallah, Steve Dunn, Peter Molloy, Ruth Moysey, Annelise Vuidepot, Emma Baston, Penio Todorov, Yi Li, Feng Gao, Jonathan M. Boulter and Bent K. Jakobsen. (2007).
Protein Engineering, Design & Selection 20, 397-403. (Cover illustration)

52. Computational design and crystal structure of an enhanced affinity mutant human CD8 alpha-alpha coreceptor.
David K. Cole, Pierre J. Rizkallah, Jonathan M. Boulter, Malkit Sami, AnneLise Vuidepot, Meir Glick, Feng Gao, John I. Bell, Bent K. Jakobsen, George F. Gao (2007).
Proteins: Structure Function, Bioinformatics 67, 65-74. (Cover illustration)

51. Directed evolution of human T cell receptor CDR2 residues by phage display dramatically enhances affinity for cognate peptide-MHC without increasing apparent cross-reactivity.
Steven M. Dunn, Pierre J. Rizkallah, Emma Baston, Tara Mahon, Brian Cameron, Ruth Moysey, Feng Gao, Malkit Sami, Jonathan Boulter, Yi Li, and Bent K. Jakobsen (2006).
Protein Science, Vol. 15, pp 710-721

50. Synchrotron Radiation: Current status and future landscape.
E. J. Maclean, P.J. Rizkallah, J.R. Helliwell (2006).
European Pharmaceutical Review, issue 2, pp 71-76

49. Purification and characterization of an N-acetyl-D-galactosamine-specific lectin from the edible mushroom Schizophyllum commune.
Podjana Chumkhunthod, Sureelak Rodtong, Stan J. Lambert, Anthony P. Fordham-Skelton, Pierre J. Rizkallah, Mark C. Wilkinson, Colin D. Reynolds (2006).
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1760 326–332

48. Crystal structure of HLA-A*2402 complexed with a telomerase peptide.
David K. Cole, Pierre J. Rizkallah, Feng Gao, Neil I. Watson, Jonathan M. Boulter, John I. Bell, Malkit Sami, George F. Gao and Bent K. Jakobsen (2006).
European Journal of Immunology, Vol 36, pp 170-179

47. Structural and kinetic basis of heightened immunogenicity of T cell vaccines.
Ji-Li Chen, Guillaume Stewart-Jones, Giovanna Bossi, Nikolai M. Lissin, Linda Wooldridge, Ed Man Lik Choi, Gerhard Held, P. Rod Dunbar, Robert M. Esnouf, Malkit Sami, Jonathan M. Boulter, Pierre Rizkallah, Christoph Renner, Andrew Sewell, P. Anton van der Merwe, Bent K. Jacobsen, Gillian Griffiths, E. Yvonne Jones and Vincenzo Cerundolo (2005).
Journal of Experimental Medicine, Vol 201, pp 1243-1255. (Cover illustration)

46. Crystallization and preliminary X-ray structural studies of a high-affinity CD8 alpha-alpha co-receptor to pMHC.
D. K. Cole, P. J. Rizkallah, M. Sami, N. M. Lissin, F. Gao, J. I. Bell, J. M. Boulter, M. Glick, A. Vuidepot, B. K. Jakobsen and G. F. Gao (2005)
Acta Crystallographica, F61, 285-287

45. Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques in Biological Crystallography.
M.P. Blakeley, M. Cianci, J.R. Helliwell and P.J. Rizkallah. (2004).
Chemical Society Reviews, 33, 548-557.

44. The structure and refinement of apocrustacyanin C2 to 1.3Å resolution and the search for differences between this protein and the homologous apoproteins A1 and C1.
J. Habash, J. R. Helliwell, J. Raftery, M. Cianci, P. J. Rizkallah, N. E. Chayen, G. A. Nneji and P. F. Zagalsky. (2004)
Acta Crystallographica, D60, 493-498.

43. The role of wavelength and source in the search for sulfur-atom positions evaluated in two case studies: Lysozyme at room temperature and cryo apocrustacyanin A1.
M. Cianci, J. R. Helliwell, D. Moorcroft, A. Olczak, J. Raftery and P. J. Rizkallah. (2004)
Journal of Applied Crystallography, 37, 555-564.

42. Unravelling the structural chemistry of the colouration mechanism in lobster shell.
N. E. Chayen, M. Cianci, J. G. Grossmann, J. Habash, J. R. Helliwell, G. A. Nneji, J. Raftery, P. J. Rizkallah and P. F. Zagalsky. (2003)
Acta Crystallographica, D59, 2072-2082

41. Stable, soluble T-cell receptor molecules for crystallization and therapeutics.
Jonathan M. Boulter, Meir Glick, Penio T. Todorov, Emma Baston, Malkit Sami, Pierre Rizkallah and Bent K. Jakobsen. (2003)
Protein Engineering, 16 (9), 707-711 (Cover Illustration)

40. High-resolution Structural Insights into Ligand binding and Immune Cell Recognition by Human Lung Surfactant Protein D.
Annette K. Shrive, Hazel A. Tharia, Peter Strong, Uday Kishore, Ian Burns, Pierre J. Rizkallah, Kenneth B. M. Reid and Trevor J. Greenhough. (2003)
Journal of Molecular Biology, 331 (2), 509-523

39. S-SWAT (softer single-wavelength anomalous technique): potential in high-throughput protein crystallography
A. Olczak, M. Cianci, Q. Hao, P. J. Rizkallah, J. Raftery and J. R. Helliwell. (2003)
Acta Crystallographica, A59, 327-334

38. The 1.45 Å three-dimensional structure of C-phycocyanin from the thermophilic cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatus.
Jon Nield, Pierre J. Rizkallah, James Barber and Naomi E. Chayen (2003)
Journal of Structural Biology, 141 (2), 149-155 (Cover Illustration)

37. The molecular basis of the colouration mechanism in lobster shell: beta-Crustacyanin at 3.2 Å resolution
Cianci, M., Rizkallah, P.J., Olczak, A., Raftery, J., Chayen, N.E., Zagalsky, P.F. and Helliwell, J.R. (2002)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 99, 9795-9800

36. Applications of Synchrotron Radiation to archaeological ceramics.
Pantos, E., Tang, C. C., MacLean, E., Cheung, K. C., Strange, R. W., Rizkallah, P. J., Papiz, M. Z., Colston, S. L., Roberts, M. A., Murphy, B. M., Collins, S. P., Clark, D. T., Tobin, M. J., Zhilin, M., Prag, K., and Prag, A. J. N. W. (2002).
Modern Trends in Scientific Studies on Ancient Ceramics, (Kilikoglou, V., Hein, A., and Maniatis, Y., Eds.), BAR International Series.

35. Structure of lobster apocrustacyanin A1 using softer X-rays.
M. Cianci, P. J. Rizkallah, A. Olczak, J. Raftery, N. E. Chayen, P. F. Zagalsky and J.R. Helliwell (2001).
Acta Crystallographica, D57, 1219-1229.

34. Apocrustacyanin A1 from the lobster carotenoprotein alpha-crustacyanin: crystallization and initial X-ray analysis involving softer X-rays
N. E. Chayen, M. Cianci, A. Olczak, J. Raftery, P. J. Rizkallah, P. F. Zagalsky and J. R. Helliwell (2000).
Acta Crystallographica, D56, pp. 1064-1066.

33. Crystal Structure of Hyaluronidase, a Major Allergen of Bee Venom
Zora Markovic-Housley, Giuliana Miglierini, Lyudmila Soldatova, Pierre J. Rizkallah, Ulrich Müller and Tilman Schirmer (2000)
Structure with Folding and Design. Volume 8, pp. 1025-1035

32. Structural characterisation of the native fetuin-binding protein Scilla campanulata agglutinin: A novel two-domain lectin.
Lisa M. Wright, Colin D. Reynolds, Pierre J. Rizkallah, Anthony K. Allen, Els J.M. van Damme, Michael J. Donovan, Willy. J. Peumans (2000)
FEBS Letters, Volume 468, pp. 19-22.

31. Insights into Carbohydrate Recognition by Narcissus pseudonarcissus Lectin: Crystal structure at 2Å resolution in complex with a1,3 mannobiose.
Markus K. Sauerborn, Lisa M. Wright, Colin D. Reynolds, Gunter J. Grossmann & Pierre J. Rizkallah (1999)
Journal of Molecular Biology, Vol 290, pp. 185-199 (Cover Illustration)

30. Structure of the native (unligated) mannose-specific bulb lectin from Scilla campanulata (bluebell) at 1.7Å resolution.
S. D. Wood, L. M. Wright, C. D. Reynolds, P. J. Rizkallah, A. K. Allen, W. J. Peumans and E. J. M. Van Damme (1999)
Acta Crystallographica, D55, pp. 1264 - 1272 (Cover Illustration)

29. Purification and Crystallisation of a Novel Two-Domain Lectin from Scilla campanulata.
Lisa M. Wright, Colin D. Reynolds, Pierre J. Rizkallah, Anthony K. Allen, Willy J. Peumans, Els Van Damme and Michael J. Donovan (1999)
Protein and Peptide Letters, Vol 6, pp. 253 - 258

28. Lectin-Saccharide Interactions: Structural Studies of a Native Mannose-Binding Protein and Three Complexes.
Lisa M. Wright, Stephen D. Wood and Colin D. Reynolds, Pierre Rizkallah, Anthony K.Allen, Els J.M. Van Damme and Willy J. Peumans (1998)
Lectins, Biology, Biochemistry, Clinical Biochemistry, Volume 12, http://plab.ku.dk/tcbh/Lectins12/Wright/paper.htm (online publication)

27. Quaternary Structure of UEA-II, the Chitobiose Specific Lectin from Gorse
M.-H. Dao-Thi, P. Rizkallah, L. Wyns, F. Poortmans and R. Loris (1998)
Acta Crystallographica, D54, pp. 844 - 847.

26. Scilla campanulata agglutinin crystallized in complex with the trimannoside alpha-D-Man-(1-6)-[alpha-D-Man-(1-3)]-alpha-D-Man.
L.M. Wright, P.J. Rizkallah, S.D. Wood and C.D. Reynolds (1998)
Acta Crystallographica, D54, pp. 665 - 667.

25. New Beamline 14 at the SRS.
E.M.H. Duke, R.C. Kehoe, P.J. Rizkallah, J.C. Clark & C. Nave (1998).
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, Vol. 5, pp. 497-499.

24. Crystallisation and Preliminary Structural Studies of Scilla Campanulata lectin complexed with alpha,1-6 mannobiose.
L.M. Wright, S.D Wood, C.D. Reynolds, P.J. Rizkallah & A.K. Allen (1998).
Acta Crystallographica, D54, pp. 90-92.

23. Crystallisation and preliminary X-ray studies on a glycoprotein from Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) bark.
Stephen D. Wood, Lisa M. Wright, Colin D. Reynolds, Pierre J. Rizkallah, Willy J.Peumans, and Els J. M. Van Damme (1997).
Lectins, Biology, Biochemistry, Clinical Biochemistry, Volume 12, http://plab.ku.dk/tcbh/Lectins12/Wood/paper.htm (online publication)

22. Channel Specificity: Structural Basis for Sugar Discrimination and Differential Flux Rates in Maltoporin.
Yan-Fei Wang, Raimund Dutzler, Pierre J. Rizkallah, Jurg P. Rosenbusch and Tilman Schirmer (1997).
Journal of Molecular Biology, Vol. 272, pp. 56-63.

21. Crystallisation and Preliminary Crystallographic Analysis of Scilla campanulata Lectin Complexed with alpha-D-mannose.
L.M. Wright, S.D. Wood, C.D. Reynolds, P.J. Rizkallah and A.K. Allen (1997).
Protein and Peptide Letters, Vol. 4 pp. 343-348.

20. Crystallisation and Preliminary X-ray Analysis of a Novel Plant Lectin from Calystegia Sepium, Bindweed.
L.M. Wright, S.D. Wood, C.D. Reynolds, P.J. Rizkallah, E.J.M. van Damme, W.J. Peumans (1997).
Acta Crystallographica, D53, pp. 220-221.

19. Crystal Structures of Various Maltooligosaccharides Bound to Maltoporin Reveal a Specific Sugar Translocation Pathway.
R. Dutzler, Y-F Wang, P.J. Rizkallah, J.P. Rosenbusch, T. Schirmer (1996).
Structure, Vol. 4, pp. 127-134.

18. Structure of the IIA Domain of the Mannose Transporter from E. Coli at 1.7Å Resolution.
R.S. Nunn, Z. Markovic-Housley, J.C. Genovesio-Taverne, K. Flukiger, P.J. Rizkallah, J.N. Jansonius, T. Schirmer & B. Erni (1996).
Journal of Molecular Biology, Vol. 259, pp 502-511.

17. Purification, Crystallisation and Preliminary X-ray Analysis of a Mannose-Binding Lectin from Bluebell (Scilla Campanulata) Bulbs.
L.M. Wright, S.D. Wood, C.D. Reynolds, P.J. Rizkallah, W.J. Peumans, E.J. van Damme, A.K. Allen (1996).
Acta Crystallographica, D52, pp. 1021-1023.

16. X-ray Structure Solution of Amaryllis Lectin by Molecular Replacement with Only 4% of the Total Diffracting Matter.
L. Chantalat, S.D. Wood, P.J. Rizkallah, C.D. Reynolds (1996).
Acta Crystallographica, D52, pp. 1146-1152.

15. Crystal Structures of Thymidine Kinase from Herpes Simplex Virus type-1, in Complex with Deoxythymidine and Ganciclovir.
D.G. Brown, R. Visse, G. Sandhu, A. Davies, P.J. Rizkallah, C. Melitz, W.C. Summers, M.R. Sanderson (1995).
Nature Structural Biology, Vol. 2, pp. 876-881.

14. The Structure of OmpF Porin in a Tetragonal Crystal Form.
S.W. Cowan, R.M. Garavito, J.N. Jansonius, J.A. Jenkins, R. Karlsson, N. Konig, E.F. Pai, R.A. Pauptit, P.J. Rizkallah, J.P. Rosenbusch, G. Rummel, T. Schirmer (1995).
Structure, Vol. 3, pp. 1041-1050.

13. Structures of Pt organo-metallic complexes.
William Clegg, Sarah L. Birkby, Arthur J. Banister, Jeremy M. Rawson, Simon T. Wait, Pierre J. Rizkallah, Marjorie M. Harding, Alexander J. Blake (1994).
Acta Crystallographica, C50, pp 28-33.

12. Crystallisation and Preliminary X-ray Studies of the Mannose specific Lectin from Amaryllis bulbs.
Stephen D Wood, Colin D Reynolds, Stanley Lambert, Paul A D McMichael, Anthony K Allen, Pierre J Rizkallah (1994).
Acta Crystallographica, D50, pp 110-111.

11. Structure Determination from Small Crystals of Two Aluminophosphates: CrAlPO-14 and SAPO-43.
Madeleine Helliwell, Venceslav Kau?i?, Graham M T Cheetham, Marjorie M Harding, Benson M Kariuki, Pierre J Rizkallah (1993).
Acta Crystallographica, B49, pp 413-420.

10. Crystallisation of the NADP dependent Glutamate Dehydrogenase from E. Coli.
Fritjof C F Korber, Pierre J Rizkallah, Teresa K Attwood, John C Wootton, Michael J McPherson, Anthony C T North, Alexander J Geddes, I Sarath B Abeysinghe, Patrick J Baker, Jonathan L E Dean, Paul C Engel, Timothy J Stillman, David W Rice (1993).
Journal of Molecular Biology, Vol 234, pp 1270-1273.

9. Determination of the Structure of Papaya Protease Omega.
Richard W Pickersgill, Pierre J Rizkallah, Gillian W Harris, Peter W Goodenough (1991).
Acta Crystallographica, B47, pp. 766-771.

8. Crystal Structure of Monomeric Fe(III) Tetra(N-methyl-4-pyridinio)porphyrin Penta- chloride.
Fritjof C.F. Körber, John R Lindsay Smith, Stephen Prince, Pierre Rizkallah, Colin D Reynolds, David R Shawcross (1991).
Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, pp. 3291-3294.

7. Structure of a Cobalt-Doped Aluminophosphate Zeolite.
Graham M T Cheetham, Marjorie M Harding, Pierre J Rizkallah, Venceslav Kau?i?, N Rajic (1991).
Acta Crystallographica, C47, pp. 1361-1364.

6. Structure of a Low Temperature Polymorph of Chenodeoxycholic Acid Determined with Synchrotron Radiation.
Pierre J Rizkallah, Marjorie M Harding, Peter F Lindley, A Aigner, A Bauer (1990).
Acta Crystallographica, B46, pp. 193-195.

5. Structure Determination of a Very Small Crystal of a Rh Complex, with Synchrotron Radiation.
Pierre J Rizkallah, Steve J Maginn, Marjorie M Harding (1990).
Acta Crystallographica, B46, pp. 262-266.

4. Structure and Physical Properties of N-n-Propyl Phthalazinium TCNQ Complex Salt 1:2.
Frilej et al. (1986).
Acta Physica Polonica, Vol. A70, pp. 565-583.

3. Structure of Ion-Radical Salt Complexes XV: MDMP.TCNQ2.
Pierre J Rizkallah, Stephen C Wallwork, A Graja (1983).
Acta Crystallographica, C39, pp. 128-131.

2. Crystal Structure of (DPPP)(TCNQ)5(H2O) and Electrical Properties of Mixed Valence TCNQ Salts of Diquaternised 1,3-Bis (4-pyridyl)propane.
G.J. Ashwell, S.C. Wallwork, P.J. Rizkallah (1983).
Molecular Crystals Liquid Crystals, Vol 91, pp. 359-369.

1. Low Temperature Structure and Physical Properties of N-Methyl,2,4-Dimethyl Pyridinium (TCNQ)2.
A Graja, M. Przybylski, R. Swietlik, P.J. Rizkallah, S.C. Wallwork, M.R. Willis, A. Rajchel (1983).
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